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May 20, 2009 by danielson  
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This weeks Camp Spotlight is on the Bangkok Muay Thai gym, Jitti Gym. Jitti gym is one of the most popular and well spoken of camps in Bangkok. People often speak so well of this gym is because it is such a welcoming family enviroment. Here is everything you would want to know about Jitti Gym.

Here are the categories I will be providing information on.

Jitti Gym Logo

Jitti Gym Logo

  • Location
  • Best Travel Route
  • Pricing
  • Accommodations
  • Facilities
  • Trainers
  • Training Routine
  • Fighting
  • Administration/Office
  • Website
  • Extracurricular
  • Uniqueness
  • Contact Info
  • Jitti Gym –

    Jitti Gym is located in Bangkok just 13 km north of the legendary Lumpini Stadium, heading towards the airport. The camp is next to the underground station at Ratchadapisek so it is very easy to get to all nightlife in Bangkok. Ratchadapisek Road is an entertainment zone and Sukhumvit Road is close by. Thailand Cultural Centre for concerts and traditional Thai performance is nearby as well. There are many restaurants, cafes, shops and pharmacies all within a short distance from the gym. The address of the camp is:

    JittiGym · The International Muay Thai Training Gym.
    12 Soi Chokchairuammit yak 29
    Viphavadee Rangsit, Ratchadapisek Rd. Dindang
    Bangkok 10320, Thailand

    The camp has two maps on its website. The first one shows where in Bangkok the camp is located – Jitti Gym Location In Bangkok Map They also have a second map which shows the location of the camp and the surrounding area. I always appreciate camps that do this, as it is a great resource to show your taxi driver at the airport. You can see this one below.

    Jitti Gym Map

    Jitti Gym Map

    Best Travel Route
    This one is pretty simple. Fly directly into Bangkok airport and take a taxi to the gym using the map provided. Here are a couple tips though, if you are looking to fly directly into Bangkok, Thai Airways has it’s main hub in Bangkok, and you will probably be able to get the cheapest rate with them. However, if you are in the US they only fly out of Los Angeles, so you will have to fly there first. If you are on the East Coast of the US, I recommend Cathay Pacific. They fly from New York to Hong Kong, and from there you can fly to Bangkok.

    The pricing structure is very unconventional compare to other Muay Thai camps that I have researched. They have a 300 baht 1 session rate, which is on the lower side. This is a walk in rate which allows you to train in either the morning or afternoon session. The next rate they have listed on their site is 1000 baht per day, with homestay. It includes all training fees, breakfast and evening meal at the gym and shared dorm room with fan. They don’t show a weekly rate, but I assume that there would be no discount, which would put it at either 7000 baht for a week. They list a monthly rate of 25,000 baht per month, which gives you a slight discount. The discount if you prebook in advance is 700 baht per day, which ends up being 21,000 baht for the month. There is no weekly discount.

    Those rates may seem high compared to some of the camps that I have featured which will run you between 18,000 – 22,000 baht for a month training and a private room with AC. However, it is important to point out the meals are included with this. A month of free meals could easily save you between 4000 – 6000 baht, which ends up being between $100 – $175 USD that you can pocket for something else.

    The current exchange rate is $1 USD = 35 baht, which means a month of training, meals and accomodation would costs about $725 USD. With the discount for prebooking, it would cost you $610. To check the current exchange rate, you can visit this site: Exchange Rates Also, the gym does not take Credit Cards. They only accept Thai Baht.

    At Jitti Gym they have shared dorm rooms. This is best for guys who want to focus on training. It includes all training fees, breakfast and evening meal at the gym and room with fan.

    One of the rooms at Jitti House

    One of the rooms at Jitti House

    The shared dorm room is the one which is included in the monthly training price discussed above. The house has more comfortable, private accommodation, Air Conditioning and is suitable for women. Both types provide a sitting room with satellite TV, DVDs Magazines/books, etc. Here is a link to the Jitti House: Jitti House

    The facility at Jitti is a bit on the small side, but they make great use of their space. The facility itself is 420 sqm. according to the Songchai Thaigyms website. This space includes 1 full size boxing ring, and 6 heavy bags. The gym also has matted floors throughout most of the gym, and several large rubber tires around the gym for warmups. The gym has a sheltered roof to allow training in all types of weather, and open sides to allow good air circulation. Here is a nice photo of the gym:

    Jitti Gym

    Jitti Gym

    The owner of the gym is Jitti Damriram who was born in Buriram, Northeast Thailand. This is an area (in)famous for Muay Thai. As an area champion he moved to Bangkok. There he fought at Rajadamnoen Stadium, one of the top stadiums in the country. He was a successful fighter, ranked in the top 5 between 1978-1981. With a record of over 80 fights he retired from the Muay Thai stadium and started teaching. He has taught in Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland and England.

    The gym doesn’t have a head trainer, everyone works equally as they are all ex stadium fighters and very experienced. The gym has over 12 trainers, with at least 6 trainers working at a time. Almost all of the fighters have a minimum of 75 fights, and there is one trainer, Jomyut Loomnam Chia, who is a 3 time Lumphini Champion. The training at Jitti gym is among the top quality that you will find in Bangkok, or anywhere in Thailand for that matter.

    Training at Jitti Gym

    Training at Jitti Gym

    Training Routine
    The details on the training routine are pretty vauge as far as the information you can find online. The training follows a basic outline of the training, however this can vary. Some days you may spend more time doing pad work, sparring, etc. The morning training session is 2 hours, while the afternoon training session is 3 hours. You start the morning session with a long run, while the afternoon session is started with skipping rope. Below is the basic structure of training.

  • Morning 07:00-09:00

  • Early run – this is gentle and lasts up to an hour, usually in the nearby park.
    Conditioning – back at the gym, light padwork, conditioning drills.

  • Afternoon 15:00-18:00

  • Skipping – up to 30 minutes.
    Training – warm up and stretch, shadow sparring, padwork, bagwork and sparring.
    Conditioning – sit ups, press ups, weights. Followed by a warm down and stretch.

    You could be fighting here after training with Jitti

    You could be fighting here after training with Jitti

    If you are looking to fight while you are training at Jitti Gym, they can can arrange fights at Rajadamnoen, Lumphini(for fighters with suitable experience), Phuket, tournaments, etc. What’s good about Jitti gym is they don’t require you to train at the gym for a lengthy amount of time before you can get a fight through them. Jitti usually want to see people train for 2 weeks before they decide if you are ready fight. It also depends on your previous experience. If you have fought before and your conditioning level is still high, then you will probably be ready to fight after the 2 weeks, however if you are new or haven’t fought in a while, expect it to take a little longer before you are ready to get back in the ring.

    One thing I have been extremely impressed with is the communication that I have received from Jitti. I have exchanged a few emails with him back and forth. The english is excellent, and his responses are positive and friendly. Also, the responses are really prompt. Jitti usually replies to me within 12 hours (remember there is a time difference between here and Thailand). It also makes you feel good when the owner of the gym contacts you directly. It’s nice to know he has a personal investment in each and every potential client. This alone has made me want to train at Jitti Gym.

    There is a small area of the gym which is used to highlight all the previous fighters, champions etc. of Jitti. The space is also used for storage and I believe a kind of make shift reception area. Here is an excellent picture:


    Jitti Gym has 3 websites that you should know about. The first is the website for the gym which is This is the main website for the gym. They also have a blog where they update news and recent events, which is On the blog, they post fight results, photos and other recent events. The final site you need to know about is That is the website for the accomodations website for room and board.

    OK, so now that I listed the websites, here is what you need to know. The website has all the basic information, however there is a lot of room for growth with the site. There are certain things that I feel are missing, or could be arranged better. For instance, there are a limited amount of photos on the website. I actually found a good deal of photos on Flickr. A gallery section with photos of the gym, training and both Thai and Farang fighters, in fights or training would be nice to see. Also, the website has a FAQ section, which is nice. One question that they answer there is about the cost of training. I felt that information should be moved to the “Training” page.

    Speaking of the training page, a little more detail about the training routine would be nice. They give you a basic outline, but it would be nice to know a little more detail. One example they say “conditioning drills”, a little more details in that area such as “conditioning drills on bag, followed by ab conditioning” would give the website visitor a little more insight as to the workout routine.

    One other note about the website, in the “Contact” page, the email addresses for contact are written out as jittigym1960 @ and info @, so they don’t appear as links that you can click and have it open directly to your email. Also, if you copy and paste it, then you have to remove the spaces. This may be because they have an email form that you can contact them directly from the website. This is a suitable option, but since it is programed in Javascript, there is always the possiblity for a web error to occur.

    I do like the fact that they created the Jitti Blog, which allows readers to find up to date news about Jitti Gym, as well as make comments in the recent posts. I feel a “Comments” section is always a suitable option if your website does not have a message board.

    Bangkok is an exciting, modern city with lots of options and easy transport. Stadiums are about 20 minutes away. The gym fights several times a month, with both Thai and Farang fighters representing Jitti Gym. The gym is near to Ratchadapisek Road, a popular entertainment zone. There are restaurants, shopping malls and cinemas. There is a 7-11, swimming pool, night market, small bars and food stalls close to the gym. When you come to Jitti Gym, the focus is on training, any extracurriulars that the gym arranges is centerted around training or fighting. There are several things to do in the area on your own as previously stated.

    The Jitti Family

    The Jitti Gym Family

    I asked Jitti what makes his gym unique, and here was his response. “We are an independent gym with a family atmosphere. I have trained international students for over 15 years and all are welcome.”

    Through my research I found this to be 100% true. Ever person that I spoke to that visited the gym had great things to say about this place. The common theme was that it really does feel like a family enviroment.

    Another thing that I found very unique about the gym is that the UK Thaiboxing Gym, Bad Company chooses Jitti Gym as it’s number one gym in Thailand to send it’s fighters and coaches for training. Bad Company is one of the biggest Thaiboxing Schools in the UK, and the fact that they are affiliated with Jitti Gym, only confirms that Jitti Gym is one of the best gyms in Thailand to train at.

    Contact Info
    If you are interested in training at Jitti Gym, and hopefully you will after this article, here is how you can contact them.

    JittiGym · The International Muay Thai Training Gym.
    12 Soi Chokchairuammit yak 29
    Viphavadee Rangsit, Ratchadapisek Rd. Dindang
    Bangkok 10320, Thailand
    Tel. (66) 2691 4238
    Mobile. (66) 9069 5026

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    4 Responses to “Camp Spotlight: Jitti Gym”
    1. You can download Boot Camp Assistant from the Apple Website. You dont need to buy a disk to use boot camp. Never heard of something like that! The windows disc you use must be a legitimate copy that you have legally purchased.

    2. ryan dare palmer says:

      i wanna train how much im in la usa california 818 951 0568

    3. Ghost Webber says:

      ryan – the basic information but you should check out their website for more details.

      Location: Gym 1 -> Near Khao Sarn Road; Gym 2 -> Viphawadee Rangsit
      Contact: 02 691 4238
      Fees: Per session (walk in rate) 300 baht.
      Homestay per day (walk in rate) 1,000 baht.
      Homestay per month (walk in rate) 25,000 baht.
      Discounts for pre – booking.
      Facilities: Rings, punching bags, basic weights.

    4. Dan Q says:

      I’ve trained at Jitti Gym for 2 weeks in November of 2007 and loved it there.

      The meals after each workout are amazing too! I believe it is Jitti’s Brother Sem’s Wife (so Jitti’s sister in law) who make the meals and they are both unique, delicious and filling. I think it was a bonus too that it is more of a personal/authentic homemade meal than buying one at a restaurant etc.

      His brother Sem is a bigger guy too and usually worked with me (5’10″ 230 lb American) I learned a ton in my time there and enjoyed it immensely as well as all that Thailand had to offer.

      Highly recommended. Good Recap!

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