Down and Dirty Day

Down and Dirty Day

Most people know them as wrestlers on the Prescott High School team. Twins Saxon and Talon Vaughan, 15, both qualified for State this year. But Saturday, theyll be participating in a different kind of match Muay Thai.

The highlight of the IKF Muay Thai tournment is the Super Middle Weight World Title bout between Cecil Tudor and Sergio Ortiz (Costa Rica) which will take place this Saturday in Camp Verde at the Steve Coury Automotive Family dealership.

What is Muay Thai? Tudor explains it to be, All punches, kicks, elbows and knees to the body and head. Tudor currently holds the US title in his weight class (165-172) but hes going for the World Title against Sergio Ortiz who is flying in from Costa Rica.

But, before you get to the World Title bouts, you have to work your way up. Saxon, in the 115 weight class, explains that he likes the competition in the ring, Its a fun sport to just mix it up.

Any injuries? Nothing serious, nothing broken Saxon says with a shrug.