Hard time with Brazilian Jiujitsu

Hard time with Brazilian Jiujitsu

I’ve been training Wrestling, Brazilian JiuJitsu, and MMA under great coaches for a few years now while I was still fighting Thai knowing that MMA was going to be a natural transition for me eventually. I received my blue belt in BJJ from Ricardo Dela Riva Black Belt Doug McMaster over a year ago and I’ve been very active and successful in submission grappling competitions across the UK which has giving me confidence in my grappling abilities. I’m looking to take my reverse triangle worldwide

My team at the Dinky Ninjas wouldn’t let me compete if I wasn’t well rounded so I’m happy and capable of fighting on the feet or on the ground.

Your debut MMA fight caused a lot of controversy in Scotland with one of the members of parliament making some ill-informed comments about women’s MMA, do you think that publicity has helped you in the long term?

The media attention definitely raised my profile in UKMMA, you know what they say about there being no such thing as bad press and all that.

I believe the MSP in question, Sandra White, actually visited the Griphouse gym where you train, how did that go?

The day Mrs. White came to our gym I was busy training but she sat down with some of my coaches and definitely left with a better idea of what MMA is about and the type of people involved in it. I think her twitter account has been a lot quieter since then, it will be interesting to see if she voices an opinion when I fight again in Glasgow in June, hopefully, she might even support the sport.