Super Fight League

Super Fight League

Having recently made her MMA debut on the On Top 4 card, where she won by first round TKO, Joanne Calderwood has already started to show that she will be a force to be reckoned with inside the cage. Not that that should come as a surprise given that shes already a world class Muay Thai fighter with a string of titles to her name and a well developed ground game from her coaches at Glasgows Griphouse gym its only a matter of time before she finds herself at the top of the MMA game. The next step on that journey being a trip to India for The Super Fight Leagues third card and a meeting with Ukrainian prospect Lena Ovchynnikova. We caught up with Joanne to see how her preperations were coming along.

Hiya Joanne and congratulations on getting such a high profile fight for your second MMA bout, looking forward to it?

Yeah im looking forward to it, I love fighting. The fact that im getting to travel and see India a bit is a nice bonus also.

Fighting in India will be somewhat different to Glasgow where you made your debut, do you think thatll be a factor?

It wont be a factor at all, Ive traveled and fought in the past as well as spent a lot of time in Thailand fighting on some big events like the Queens Birthday Show. The crowd when I made my debut in Glasgow was incredible, and from what Ive seen of the first two Super Fight League shows the crowd and the show will be excellent.

Despite being only 1-0 in MMA youre a world class Kickboxer and a European champion in that discipline, how much has that experience helped you in MMA, both technique wise and dealing with pressure?

Technique wise my style of Muay Thai suits MMA, i like to be aggressive and look to finish fights and its been very successful up until now. In terms of pressure ive been competiting at the highest level of Muay Thai for a while now on big shows often having to travel. With fights the only pressure i feel is the pressure i put on myself to perform which brings out the best in me.